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May 26, 2011 9:38 am / takingbacksingle

German dilemma

Last week I met a guy through a friend of mine. He’s really cute, and he’s German so he has the accent thing going for him. I also like that he’s older, but feel slightly intimidated by his accomplishments. We start talking and hit it off and make plans for the following night.
The only problem is that he is just visiting and will be leaving in two days.

He texts me later that night asking to hang out, and I’m a bit taken aback at how forward he is. We had a strong connection but I start doubting it, and worrying that he just wants to hook up. Let me paraphrase that with the fact that I’m a bit conservative compared to some of my friends. I don’t “hook up” with guys I’m not dating, I don’t have sex after a couple of weeks, etc. I ask him if he wants to get lunch the following day to take the pressure off of the whole situation, but he sidesteps the question. The next day, he drops by my place to say goodbye to me and we talk for a little bit but he has to leave. He says that he really wants to keep in touch, that he will visit me again and that he is friending me on Facebook so we can keep in touch.

I feel hopeful, maybe it was all in my imagination, and we really did have a connection. Maybe we will have one of those dramatic stories where we meet later in life by fate.

But he doesn’t friend me on Facebook. It’s now been a week and I feel uncertain what to do. I’m probably overanalyzing the whole situation, but why would he come say goodbye if he knew there was no chance of hooking up? He even brought his brother as if he wanted to introduce him to me. Usually I would just forget about this whole thing, but I’m quite picky about guys, and for once I felt there was a real connection. I also am a strong believer in the fact that a guy will make something happen if he is truly interested, that in the beginning of something you do need to play a little bit hard-to-get.

So I don’t know if I should just forget about this whole thing or maybe I should friend him on Facebook or text him? What do you think?


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