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June 23, 2011 5:45 pm / takingbacksingle

Help not wanted

Since my friend S got into a relationship this winter she’s constantly trying to set me up with guys (sometimes they are her guyfriends but sometimes someone she just me which I find a bit strange). Now I know that she does this to be nice but I’m sick of it. Her constant efforts make me feel as if she can’t accept the fact that I really am fine being single right now. And while she keeps on insisting she only wants to make me as happy as her I’m not so sure I want to be in her situation (I wrote about her weird relationship with her boyfriend in an earlier post). I’ve tried to tell her I’m fine but she still can’t seem to understand or respect my wishes.
I also feel that blind dates build up so many expectations that often fail to happen. They feel fake to me, somewhat similar to the strange way people now have relationships on the Internet before meeting in person.
My friend and I also don’t have the same taste in clothes or food so I wonder why she feels that she knows what guys I would like. She constantly asks me if anything is going on between me and my best guy friend whom I adore but would never date.
Maybe I sound ungrateful but I’m just sick of others telling me what I want and need. I’m fine with being single and if I meet the right person that would be fine too but I want to decide for myself what and who is right for me right now.
Any thoughts? Do you feel the same or do you like it when friends set you up?


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