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July 4, 2011 10:44 pm / takingbacksingle

Waiting by the telephone…

So long story short, I ended up facebook friending the guy I mentioned in this post. When I checked my facebook the next day he had accepted and sent me a message and I was thrilled! I spent some time figuring out the wording that would make me seem interested but not too interested and hit sent! Maybe we are meant to be after all, I thought, a bit ahead of myself as usual.

But now it’s been a while and he still hasn’t gotten back to me and I’m starting to feel irritated. If he’s not interested I totally get it, but why would you initiate a message if you aren’t really interested in at least talking to someone? It just brings me back to the days when I would sit nervously by the phone waiting for my high school boyfriend to text me back. Only that now I guess people use facebook even more than phones. I’m sure there could be plenty of reasonable explanations, like maybe he just doesn’t check his facebook a lot, but I can’t help but be really ridiculous and check my facebook nervously three times a day. And I really do hate that wait in general. Obviously if a guy texts/ messages you back the second after it is creepy but having to wait days just seems unnecessary and makes me insecure rather than interested. If a guy keeps doing this to me I doubt whether he really is just a player.

I guess I just wanted to get all my feelings off my chest. What do you think about waiting for a guy or girl to contact you? Does it bother you or do you not care?


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