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August 22, 2011 12:44 am / takingbacksingle

Dare to wear: sequins

Background: I enjoy fashion and dressing up, however, in the past I found that I’d often shy away from wearing that hippie skirt or Michael Jackson inspired jacketsbecause I thought guys would find it weird. Instead I would just throw on the classic jeans and tee shirt combo. So dare to wear represents different trends or articles of clothing that I enjoy wearing but that took me some time and courage to wear. I was also inspired by The Manrepeller, an awesome blogger, who bravely wears trends that she loves without caring if men find them hideous.

The trend: sequins. Let me just start off by saying that I love sequins but if not done right they make you look like a disco ball (not good!). There’s the classic sequin dress, which is cute, but only works for really festive occasions. Taylor Swift has made this her signature thing and she always looks cute and sparkly on the red carpet.

Nevertheless, for those of us who aren’t country superstars, there are ways to translate Taylor’s classy glamour into everyday wear.

How to wear it: For daytime use, try to only have one small accessory (such as shoes, belt, or purse) with sequins. Alternately, you can have a small part of a larger article covered with sequins (such as a cardigan or top).

I’m going to show two sequined pieces of clothing that I own and let you know how to wear them.

The first one is this Eileen Fisher army green sequined cardigan.

What’s great about this cardigan is that it is subtly glam. The sequins are matte and therefore do not sparkle as much as regular ones, which makes it more appropriate for day wear. It is also very versatile and can be worn with jeans and a white top or over a black dress and tights when it’s colder.

If you want to go a bit more glam, but not quite red carpet, this H&M black long sleeved sequined bolero is for you!

This is a great way to dress up a simple black cocktail dress. Be sure to keep the rest of the outfit simple and neutral to not look like a circus performer. It takes guts to wear something like this bolero but whenever I wear it I always get tons of compliments.

Anyways, while you might not be able to buy these exact pieces I hope you feel more confident about how to wear sequins now. They’re fun and make you the center of attention, so get ready to shine (literally!).


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