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August 31, 2011 9:35 pm / takingbacksingle

Why high heels suck

First of all, I want to give props to Courtney Martin at the Frisky for starting the discussion about heels and inspiring me to write this post. Check out her original post here!

I can count the times I’ve worn high heels this year one one hand: to a college career fair (fail- my feet were hurting me and I could not focus on walking around to the different booths), a friend’s sister’s sweet sixteen and at a fancy banquet. You can probably tell I’m not a big fan of heels. While they look cute, I haven’t found a single pair of heels that don’t hurt my feet to some extent. It takes days (sometimes weeks) for my feet to heal from the blisters and overall swollenness that heels cause me.

I also never mastered the art of walking gracefully in heels, I look like a baby giraffe learning to walk, which is NOT sexy!

Heels kind of freak me out because they put my feet in such an unnatural position. It can’t be healthy to entirely modify the angle and what parts of your foot touches the ground. In fact, it isn’t.

I guess heels can make your legs look skinnier and longer, but I’m working on feeling happy the way I look, heels or no heels, so it might not exactly be the best self esteem booster.

I also find it strange that while men can wear sneakers covered in leather (isn’t that basically what men’s dress shoes are?!) to a workplace, while women are supposed to wear heels that put us off balance and make our feet hurt. This reminds me of women having to wear different saddles because ladies only ride slowly and gracefully, while men can sit more comfortably and use the horse to race and hunt. Men’s dress shoes give men this same advantage: being comfortable, being able to walk long distances. On the other hand, heels make women’s legs and butts look better but they hurt a lot and make it harder to walk.

Women can barely wear flats in a formal workplace, let’s not even imagine what happened if a woman came to work in men’s-style dress shoes.



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  1. Miranda / Sep 1 2011 12:57 am

    I’m 6’0 and while I have no problem, confidence-wise, with wearing heels, they drive me crazy from simply because they are, as you say, ridiculous. Why the hell would I want to wear those things?! I can’t run, I can’t walk properly, I’ll probably slip, my footing is unsure; in short, I’m totally limited. What do I want from my footwear? The ability to do whatever the hell I want.

    I just hate that if I wear flats or regular shoes, people think it’s because I’m insecure about my height. I’m just against heels in general! I would love for women to be able to wear something like men’s dress shoes. Let’s start the revolution!

    • takingbacksingle / Sep 2 2011 12:44 pm

      I’m also pretty tall (5’8”) and I don’t mind my height, in fact I like being tall.
      I agree, heels are just not practical or comfortable, either for work or for going out. Especially I find it weird that many girls wear heels when they go out, because they are extremely hard to dance in!
      And for work, the last thing I want to think about is my feet.
      If more people start wearing other shoes it will get more accepted!

  2. typefashion / Sep 5 2011 6:38 pm

    loafers are pretty kool though !


    • takingbacksingle / Sep 6 2011 4:28 pm

      Yeah I could see black shiny loafers looking really cute with a dress!

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