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September 13, 2011 6:48 pm / takingbacksingle

Why size matters

For those of you expecting a steamy post, I apologize in advance, for I’ll be writing about clothing sizes.

Why do we care about what size clothing we are? In our hypersexualized culture, where the only way to be sexy is to be skinny, of course, your heart drops when you go into a store and realize you need to buy a size larger than usual.

In the beginning of high school, I was super skinny, like size 00 skinny. Then puberty hit (yes I was a late bloomer) and I watched my hips fill out. I’m still very skinny, but I’ve got larger hips and a butt. People tend to assume I’m a size 4, but I’m really a size 8 (sometimes 6) in pants. I guess that’s considered a bit strange, because I wear shirts and dresses in size small. But I’ve come to accept that I’m a woman and I love my hips. It took a while of buying the wrong size, of failing to admit what really fit me but I’m here now. Sadly, a lot of women are not on the same page.

A friend of mine, refuses to buy anything larger than a size 4. In reality, she should probably be wearing a size 10. I’ve tried to gently nudge her, but she won’t budge. The worst part is that, the too small size gives her a big muffin top and the zipper will barely close. She would look a hundred times better if she would just buy the correct size. Everytime we go shopping, I can tell she secretly feels good about buying a smaller size than me. I guess she’s deluding herself to think that she’s skinnier than me (which she’s not- not saying that’s bad, but objectively she just weighs more).

Let’s see, guys definitely don’t care about sizes. I doubt any of them even know what is a “normal” size, so that should not be it. I guess part of it is that we women judge ourselves. We don’t want to wear a bigger size than our friends. Why I don’t get. I mean it’s not like you’re going to start wear glasses that are your friends’ prescription. Imagine how ridiculous that would be.

I’ll also point out that wearing one (or many) size too small pants HURTS LIKE HELL! Not only do they give you a muffin top, but they squeeze your stomach (and your internal organs) together and leave your skin with red marks.

So ladies, let’s get rid of the sizing complex once and for all. Wear what fits, and encourage your friends to do the same. Don’t let the size dictate what you can wear or how you feel. It’s just a number after all.



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  1. typefashion / Sep 13 2011 10:44 pm

    Nice Post.
    Many people think buying bigger clothes will also make them look smaller which is the opposite. You have to find the right size. A size 14 wearing size 16 will look like a 16 and not as they should!


    • takingbacksingle / Sep 14 2011 6:59 pm

      That’s true! Wearing your right size is just so much more flattering in every way. The number shouldn’t matter.

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