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September 20, 2011 12:06 am / takingbacksingle

Goodbye Rapunzel: cutting my hair short

So I previously wrote about wanting to cut my hair , and on Friday, I did get a haircut. Now it’s not that short, really, it’s right above my shoulders.  I won’t post a photo of me, but it is similar to Selena Gomez’s cut below. People tell me I look like her all the time, and I also have slightly wavy brown hair, so it really isn’t too far from the truth.


Anyways, I love it so far! It’s so much easier. Takes less time to wash and dry. Before, my hair was pretty long (right above my boobs) so it would always get everywhere and annoy me, and I would end up putting it up in a bun almost every day. Now it’s not nearly as bothersome.

I also have pretty thick hair, so when it was long, clips and barrettes would just fall down, but now they actually stay up. I do like that I can still put my hair in a ponytail (some of it will fall out, but it mostly stays), and I can still make cute hairstyles with clips and little braids.

I like it so much that I’m thinking of cutting it even shorter next time. Who knows, I’ll get used to this first I guess, but I think Ginnifer Goodwin looks really cute in this slightly shorter wavy bob, so maybe it will be my next adventure to the salon.


What do you think? Did you ever cut your hair short and if so, did you like it?


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