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October 9, 2011 10:37 pm / takingbacksingle

Halloween: an excuse to wear almost nothing


(Google “slutty Halloween costumes” and you’ll find photos a lot less PG13 than this one)

With Halloween only a couple of weeks away, it’s time to think about costumes. Now dressing up can be fun, but something I don’t get is why so many girls and women use Halloween as an excuse to wear lingerie in public.

I had always been one to come up with clever or at least funny costumes. I was a pumpkin, the Statue of Liberty, Queen Amidalah from Star Wars (yes I’m a bit of a nerd). But in freshman year of high school, a bunch of my friends were apparently dressing up as Disney princesses. I must have given them a confused look, because one of the girls said, “It’s not what you think… These are mature Disney Princesses.” I was puzzled, but the next day I understood. Cinderella featured a non-existent skirt, and Jasmine was a bra with some beading on it. I was dressed up as Pocahontas, with feathers and moccasins and had clearly missed the memo.

I don’t think wearing only underwear with a hint of a costume counts as dressing up. Maybe “dressing down”?

It seems that everyone is doing it too. The shy, held back girls apparently feel no inhibitions on October 31st.

What’s so different about Halloween? Pictures will still be taken, judgments will still be made, and creepy guys will be even worse. Why do girls wear things they would never wear outside of the bedroom any other day of the year?

People talk of letting loose. I would say letting loose is having one or two drinks, dancing with my friends, not worrying about the typical day to day stresses. What does wearing slutty costumes have to do with letting loose? And if you’re looking to meet someone, I would think it’s pretty hard for a guy to take a girl seriously who is almost naked.


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